A-Team Adjusting and Claim Services

What We Do:

We  provide a prompt and accurate claim response, no matter the situation.


Weekly Training

Customer Service


We've have taken our collective experience to create our own unique methodology on claim handling that will prove results to keep losses on track for prompt and fair claims handling.


Our results - oriented staff will assist you with maintaining your good reputation with your customers by making sure compliance with your insurance contract is in the forefront of claims handling.


We provide professional, prompt, and accurate claim services to our clients in order to fulfill the needs and obligations of their customers. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help educate and provide problem solving solutions to our customers

Bringing adjusting expertise to a new level
  • Multiple Line Adjusting Firm -  End to End or Task Claims -  Multiple Estimating Platforms, Xactimate Certified
  • Home, Roof, & Wind Inspections
  • Estimating for Carriers, IA Firms, Contractors, & Mitigation Companies - Commercial, Residential, & 3rd party
  • Staffing

Over the years, Gina had worked in the field of insurance handling Residential Commercial, Residential Property, Liability and Catastrophic Claims. She has worked as a Field Adjuster, Inside Property Specialist, Claim Supervisor, and Claim Manager. Managing crews for Hurricane Katrina,  Ike and Gustav as well as Handling Task and Daily Claims for Citizens Property Insurance,  IA's, and IA-Firms. She Consistantly maintained high scores with low turn-around times for her clients. She has extensive knowledge in operational claims management.

Quality Assurance